Employee Leave Request

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Posted 2017-09-14 17:12:21


An Employee Leave Request is used by an employee to inform an approver of a new leave request or of the updating or cancellation of a leave request already posted as an Employee Time , and (depending on the business scenario) of the need for request approval.

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Business Context and Use

The Employee Leave Request business object enables the processing of employee leave requests. An request for an absence, made with the employee leave request, can be of the following types:

  • Planned future leave (for example, vacation, time in place of overtime)

  • A leave in the past (for example, sick leave)

  • Other absences, for which employees require manager approval

  • Other absences that employees need to inform their managers about 

  • Absences that employees create where no approval or information step is necessary (depends on the business process)

When a leave request is approved, it is posted and becomes an Employee Time . You can also use this business object if you want to process an existing leave Employee Time . In this case, you use it for actions such as changing or cancelling a leave request that has been already approved.

The available operations are for use in employee self-service applications.

Related Business Objects

  • For more information about leave that has been posted in the database, see the Employee Time business object’s operations.

  • The processing of employee leave requests is very flexible and can be adapted to company needs. This impacts the behavior of the operations. With the Employee Leave Request Configuration operation, you get all configuration information you require. 

  • The Employee Time Account business object enables you to provide an overview about the remaining entitlements. 

  • You can use the Employee Time Calendar business object's operation  Find Availability by Employee to create a report on the availability of team members. 

  • If your customizing is appropriate, you can use the operations of the Organisational Centre and ReportingLineUnit  business objects to determine the approvers of an employee leave request or the team members for a team availability report. 

  • Operations on the  business object enable you to provide more information on a participant of the employee leave request process, for example, contact information.

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