Course Introduction

Diploma in Microsoft.NET Training course is designed for students to build their career into emerging trend of IT Industry. Microsoft .NET Training Course is for students who aim to be practically well versed with the .NET programming concept along with C# and apply their learning on the field. The .NET Training Course is designed to mould students into programming professionals who can stand up to the challenge to enter IT Industry. The students will also get a chance to prepare for MCTS Certification under the guidance of Dot Net faculty.

Introduction to .NET
  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • .NET Advantages
  • Common Language Runtime(CLR)
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • .NET Framework Class Library (FCL)
  • Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL)
  • Just In Time(JIT) Compiler
  • Garbage Collection
  • Phases of Garbage Collection

Assemblies in .NET

  •    What are Assemblies?
  •    Types of Assemblies
  •   Components of Assembly
  •   Role of Asssemblies
  •   Generating Assemblies

Exception Handling


  • Introduction to Exceptions
  • Exception handling
  • The Exception Class
  • C# Exception Handling Keywords
  • The Exception Chain
  • Exception Heirarchy
  • Pre-defined Exception Classes



  •   Introduction of ASP.NET
  •   Introduction of ASP.NET
  •    Introduction of ASP.NET
  •    Page Life Cycle Events
  •     ASP.NET Server Controls      



  • Introduction of SQL
  • SQL Environment
  • Components of SQL
  • Basic SQL Commands
  • Triggers and Views
  • Data Binding in ASP.Net
  • Data Binding Expressions
  • Working With GridView Control
  • DetailsView control


Collection framework

  •    What is a Collection Framework?
  •    Classes in Collection Framework
  •   Classes in Collection Framework


  •     What is Inheritance
  •      Advantages of Inheritance
  •     Types of Inheritance

Delegates and Event in C#


Windows Programimng using C#


  • What is MultiThreading?
  • Why do Applications need multiple threads?
  • Thread Life Cycle
  • States of Thread
  • Thread Priority
  • Thread Synchronization

HTML CSS & JavaScript Overview

  • HTML Basics
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Form
  • CSS Introduction
  • Javascript Overview
  • Bootstrap Overview

 Database Connectivity

Advanced Technologies(AJAX,Jquery,MVC








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