Course Introduction

The course will provide an introduction the basics of biotechnology.  The course aims to provide introductory theoretical knowledge in biochemistry, cell biology and an introduction to molecular biological tools within biotechnology.  This knowledge will provide a foundation for further studies within the biotechnology program.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Macromolecular Structure & Analysis
  2. Biophysics & Instrumentation
  3. Cell Structure & Dynamics
  4. Biomathematics - I
  5. Basic Microscopy & Instrumentation
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Organic Mechanisms in Biology
  8. Principles of Transmission Genetics
  9. Principles of Microbiology
  10. Microbial Genetics
  11. Principles of Immunology
  12. Plant and Animal Tissue Culture
  13. Techniques and applications
  14. Plant Biotechnology
  15. Molecular Genetics
  16. Biodiversity & Taxonomy
  17. Molecular Biology Techniques
  18. Bio-informatics
  19. DNA Typing, Proteomics & Beyond
  20. Recombinant DNA Technology 
  21. Environmental Biotechnology
  22. Model Organisms in Human Genome Project
  23. Elements of Management & introduction to Entrepreneurship
  24. Medical Biotechnology

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