Course Introduction

Business Objects   Advanced Course . This hands-on instructor-led course will give students the skills to create advanced Business Objects XI Web Intelligence reports. Students will learn how to analyze information, distribute information.

Data Ware Housing Concepts. DWH Architecture DWH Characteristics Evolutions of Data warehousing. Data Modeling ER Modeling Dimension Modeling Schema (Star ,Snow Flack & Galaxy) 

A BOM contains the classes and methods. As an object model, the BOM is very similar to a Java object model. It consists of classes grouped into packages. Each class has a set of attributes, methods, and possibly other nested classes.

Data Warehousing Concepts:

  •        Introduction
  •        What is Data Warehouse
  •        ETL Concepts
  •        Data mart
  •        Fact Table
  •        Dimensions Table
  •        Cubes and Schema Concepts
  •        OLTP and OLAP Concepts

Business Objects Architecture and Admin Support:

  •        What is Business Objects & their different Versions
  •        Business Objects XI3.1 Architecture
  •        Architecture Components
  •        What is CCM(Central Configuration Manager)
  •        What is SIA(Server intelligent Agent)
  •        What is CMC(Central Management Console)
  •        Different types of Authentication
  •        Creating Security through CMC (Central Management Console)
  •        Creating Groups
  •        Creating Users
  •        Creating Folders
  •        Creating User Security and Privileges
  •        Creating Security on Universe and Universe Connections
  •        Creating Security on Applications wise

Universe Designer:

  •        What is Universe Designer
  •        Understanding how universes allow users to query databases using their everyday business terms
  •        Creating connection to Database.
  •        Building the universe structures
  •        Creating the Universe and Setting parameters
  •        Defining Joins
  •        Creating Classes & Dimension Objects
  •        Creating Measure Objects
  •        Resolving Loops in a Universe
  •        Applying Restrictions on Objects
  •        Working with hierarchies
  •        Deployment – Learn how to distribute, document, and maintain universes.

Report Building in InfoView: (Web Intelligence)

  •        What is InfoView
  •        Managing documents in InfoView
  •        Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView
  •        Creating a new Web Intelligence document using Universe
  •        Create a query based on an Excel file
  •        Modifying a document’s query
  •        Working with query properties
  •        Modifying a query with a predefined query filter
  •        Using prompts to restrict data
  •        Using complex filters at Query level
  •        Using Filters at Report Level
  •        Displaying data in tables and charts
  •        Using breaks, calculations, sorts and report filters
  •        Ranking data to see top or bottom values
  •        Using Alerters to highlight information
  •        Copying data to other applications
  •        Using formulas and variables in the Java Report Panel
  •        Creating multiple queries in a document
  •        Drilling in the Java Report Panel
  •        Add a hyperlink to a document
  •        Merge dimensions from different universes
  •        Create an input control for a document
  •        Viewing and Editing Customized Sql
  •        Scheduling a Web Intelligence document



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