Course Introduction

Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition protects dynamic virtual environments and external networks from internal and external threats by securing virtual machines and applications. This solution uses proven Check Point security

With Check Point's unified approach to network management, and the key elements of this architecture you can design a distributed environment using the network detailed in the course topology.

CheckPoint Security Expert provides how to build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot Check Point Security Systems on the GAiA operating system.

CheckPoint Firewall Installation

  • Standalone installation
  • Distributed installation
  • Primary and Secondary installation
  • Rule base, Objects and Smart view tracker

Network Address Translation

  • Configuring Hide mode or Dynamic NAT
  • Configuring Static NAT
  • Configuring Manual NAT


  • Symmetric Key Cryptography
  • Asymmetric Key Cryptography
  • Public Key Infrastructure, Public and Private Keys
  • Encryption and Decryption
  • Message Digest, Hashing Algorithm
  • Digital Signature
  • Authentication, Integrity and Non-repudiation
  • Diffie Helman Key exchange


  • Kerberos
  • User Authentication
  • Client Authentication
  • Session Authentication
  • Partially automatic/ Fully automatic authentication

CheckPoint Smart Defense

  • Tracking and alerting
  • TCP/IP 3 way handshake
  • SYN Relay
  • Passive SYN Defender


  • VPN Fundamentals
  • Creating VPN tunnels
  • Internet Key Exchange
  • Site to Site VPN

Content Security

  • Security Servers on the Firewall
  • SMTP, HTTP and FTP traffic security
  • The Content Vectoring Protocol
  • Filtering


  • Light weight Directory Access Protocol
  • Load Balancing alogirthms
  • Clustering of Firewall for Redundancy


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