Course Introduction

Cloud computing has entered the mainstream of information technology, providing infinite or at least highly elastic scalability in delivery of enterprise applications and software as a service (SaaS). Amazon Elastic Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and a few other offerings give both mature software vendors and start-ups the option to deploy their applications to a system of infinite computational power with practically no capital investment and with modest operating costs proportional to the actual use. The course examines the most important APIs used in the Amazon and Microsoft clouds.

The cloud engineer position can be broken into multiple roles, including cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer and cloud network engineer. Each position focuses on a specific type of cloud computing, rather than the technology as a whole.

Overview of Cloud Computing 

  • Advantages, History, and Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Service
  •  Deployment Models, Infrastructure, and Consumer View  Security and Scenarios
  • Assumptions, Terms of Service
  • Promises  Limitations, Obligations, Recommendations


Dynamic Interactions and Computing Architectures  

  • Overview
  • Service, Deployment, Scope, and Control
  • SaaS Interaction Dynamics and Software Stack Control
  • SaaS Benefits, Issues and Concerns, Suitability, and Recommendations
  • PaaS Benefits, Issues and Concerns, Suitability, and Recommendations
  • IaaS Operational View
  • IaaS Benefits
  • IaaS Issues and Concerns, and Recommendations


Economics of Cloud Computing

  • Overview
  • Review of Service Models
  • SWOT Analysis and Value Proposition
  • General Cloud Computing Risk 
  • Risks 2: Performance, Network Dependence, Reliability, Outages, and Safety Critical Processing
  • Risks 3: Compliance and Information Security
  • Computing Cost Analysis·  Selecting an IaaS Provider
  • Recommendations for Successful Cloud Migration

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