Course Introduction

This course covers the fundamental concepts of database systems. Topics include data models (ER, relational, and others); query languages (relational algebra, SQL, and others); implementation techniques of database management systems (index structures, concurrency control, recovery.

Database managers deal in data, naturally Financial records, credit card accounts, billing addresses, and other customer records are all stored in databases. Companies need database managers to maintain the functionality and privacy of their database systems.

A database manager (DB manager) is a computer program, or a set of computer programs, that provide basic database management functionalities including creation and maintenance of databases.


  • Data, Database, Database Management Systems
  • Data Models
  • Database Languages

Relational Databases

  • Relations and Tables
  • Attributes
  • Integrity Constraints

Relational Algebra

  • Relational Calculus


  • Queries
  • Data Modifications

Database Design

  • Entity Relationship Model (ER Model)
  • Normalization


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