Course Introduction

This course is an extensive introduction to the UNIX operating system and how to use its many commands and utilities. It also covers the standard UNIX system file editor and basic shell programming. This course is the foundation and prerequisite for most other courses in HPE Education’s Tru64 and HP-UX curricula. 

Introduction to UNIX 

  • UNIX structure and capability overview
  •  UNIX history and standards

Logging In and General Orientation

  • Logging in and out
  •  Viewing online man pages
  •  Executing basic UNIX commands

Navigating the File System

  • UNIX file system layout concepts
  •  Absolute and relative pathname concepts
  •  Navigating and viewing directories
  •  Creating and removing directories
  •  Searching directories

Managing Files

  • File concepts and characteristics
  •  Viewing and managing files
  •  Printing files

File Permissions and Access

  • UNIX file permission concepts
  •  Managing file permissions
  •  Managing other attributes with chgrp, chown, and touch
  •  Changing user and group identities

Introduction to the vi Editor

  • Editing files with vi editor

Process Control

Introduction to Shell Programming

Shell Programming—Branches

Shell Programming—Loops



Shell Basics

  • Shell features and types
  •  Using command aliasing
  •  Using command line recall and editing
  •  Modifying TERM, PATH, and other environment variables

Shell Advanced Features

  • Shell substitution capabilities
  •  Set and modify shell variables
  •  Transfer local variables to the environment
  •  Make variables available to subprocesses
  •  How a process is created

File Name Generation

  • File name generation character concepts
  •  File name generation characters: ?, (), and *


  • Quoting concepts and characters

Input and Output Redirection

  • Using sort, wc, and grep filters
  • Redirecting standard input


Using Network Services

  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  •  Hostnames
  •  Testing connectivity
  •  ARPA services
  •  Berkeley services

Offline File Storage




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