Course Introduction

WebSphere Cast Iron V7 Administration course teaches you how to configure and administer the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Appliance. Through recorded lectures and recorded demonstrations, the course introduces the Cast Iron Appliance, concentrating on appliance administration and administrative tools. You learn how to configure and upgrade the appliance, create users, manage projects, back up the repository, and troubleshoot appliance issues.

Introduction and technical overview

  • Integrating cloud applications
  • Example use cases
  • The WebSphere Cast Iron approach to integrating applications
  • Architecture overview
  • Management and monitoring
  • Availability and scaling
  • Upgrading to a new release
  • Cast Iron editions
  • Terminology

Installing and setting up WebSphere Cast Iron integration

  • Installing and configuring WebSphere Cast Iron Studio
  • Installing and configuring the physical appliance
  • Configuring the physical appliance for high availability
  • Installing and configuring the virtual appliance
  • Installing the WebSphere Cast Iron Live Secure Connector
  • Upgrading from WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration V6.0 to V6.1.

Developing and unit testing with WebSphere Cast Iron Studio

  • Overview of Cast Iron development
  • Overview of WebSphere Cast Iron Studio
  • Connectors and endpoints
  • Activities
  • Variables
  • Exporting and publishing

Management and monitoring

  • Management
  • Project configuration life cycle
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting

Availability and scalability planning

Reusability with Template Integration Projects

Building custom plugin connectors

Common error handlers

Scenario: Bidirectional account synchronization

Scenario: CRM to cloud calendar services

Scenario: Data enrichment and aggregation

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