Course Introduction

This course provides an overall exposure to the technology of Industrial Automation and Control as widely seen in factories of all types both for discrete and continuous manufacturing.

The advantage and architecture of automation systems, measurement systems including sensors and signal conditioning, discrete and continuous variable control systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators, industrial communication and embedded computing and CNC Machines.

You have done a Post Graduation Diploma Course.You might have learned Scada programming, Hmi programming , Plc programming and other stuff’s.Among those subjects taught you will be having a greater interest in one of them and you would be keen in learning more about it. Apply for jobs in where you can gain knowledge in that particular subject .

 Basic Electrical Control

  • Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics
  •  Concepts of Industrial Control Signals: 0- 10V & 4- 20 mA [*]
  •  Electrical Control Circuit Designing [#*]
  •  Relay Logic Control & Interlocking Control Circuits [#*]
  •  Contactor Latching & Interlocking [#*]
  •  Induction Motor STAR DELTA Connections [*]

Intelligent Motor Control

  • Speed/Direction Control of Induction Motor using Variable Frequency Drive [*]
  •  Parameter Programming of VFD for customize control [*]
  •  V/F Curve in VFD [*]
  •  Monitoring of Speed, Load, Direction, Frequency on VFD [*]
  •  2 Wire/3 Wire Control in VFD [*]
  •  Semi Automation Control of VFD using Internal PLC [*]
  •  Alarm Generation in VFD [*]
  •  Synchronization of VFD’s [*]

Intelligent Motor Control using PLC

  • Study of use of various Sensors (Limit Switches, Potentiometer, Proximity, Color, Photoelectric & Temperature Sensors) & Actuators [*#]
  •  PLC Wiring [*#]
  •  PLC Programming & Troubleshooting [*#]
  •  Logical Commands, Arithmetic Commands, High Speed Processing Commands, Sequential Logics, Data Transmission Commands [*#]
  •  PLC Interfacing with VFD [*]
  •  Precision Speed control of VFD using PLC Analog Cards [*]

Basic Pneumatics Control

  • Introduction to Pneumatic Actuation System [*#]
  •  Study and use of various Direction Controlled Valves [*#]
  • Study and use of various Actuators [*#]

Electro-Pneumatics Control

  • Basic Hydraulics Control
  • Introduction to Hydraulics Actuation System [*#]
  •  Study and use of various Direction Controlled Valves [*#]
  • Study and use of various Actuators [*#]
  • Study and use Fluid Conditioning Elements [*#]
  •  Study and use of Pressure Measuring Instruments [*#]
  •  Study and use of various Pressure Controlled Valves [*#]
  •  Study & Use of Flow Control Valves [*#]

Electro-Hydraulics Control

  • PID Temperature Control
  • Introduction to Temperature Control Devices
  •  PID Working Principle
  •  PID Modes – On/Off , Manual mode, PID mode [*]
  •  Auto Tuning in PID [*]
  •  Study of various PID Parameters [*]
  •  Parameter Programming in PID [*]
  •  Monitoring/Controlling PID Parameters on HMI [*]

Servo Motor Control

Servo Motor Control using PLC & HMI

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