Course Introduction

This course will introduce students to mobile computing and mobile application development. Mobile computing will be discussed from three perspectives: mobile technology, application development, and user interaction. The course will first overview various mobile computing applications, technologies, and wireless communication.


  •  Mobile Technologies
  •  Anatomy of a Mobile Device
  •  Survey of Mobile Devices
  •  Applications of Mobile Computing

Application Design

  •  Context
  •  Information Architecture
  •  Design Elements
  •  Mobile Web vs Native Applications

Development Environments

  • Introduction to Objective-C
  • The Model-View-Controller Model
  • The Delegate Pattern
  • The iPhone, Android, & Blackberry SDKs

The Application Environment

  •  Limited Resource Computing
  •  Memory Management
  •  Low Power Computing
  •  Fault Tolerance and Persistence
  •  Security Issues

Wireless Communication Technologies

  •  Celluar networks
  •  Wireless (802.11)
  •  TCP/IP in the mobile setting
  •  Geolocation and Global Positioning System

The User Experience

  • The Small Screen Problem
  • The Unified Look and Feel Paradigm
  • The iPhone Human Interface Guidelines
  • The Blackberry User Interface Guidelines
  • Common User Interface Guidelines

Distributed Computing

  •  Consistency and Reliability
  •  Security Issues
  •  Ad hoc Networks
  •  Sensor Networks

The Future of Mobile Computing

  • Upcoming Technologies
  • Convergence of Media and f Media and Communication Devices

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