Course Introduction

In this course each database has one or more distinct APIs for creating, accessing, managing, searching and replicating the data it holds.

This course is designed to give delegates practical experience in writing SQL statements using the MySQL client program.This course provides everything from beginner level training to advanced.Aso show how to install MySQLsoftware and perform basic setup of MySQL DBMS

Nowadays, we use relational database management systems (RDBMS) to store and manage the huge volume of data Before we proceed to explain the MySQL database.

"Course Syllabus"

Theory, Terminology and Concepts

  •         Client/Server Concepts
  •         Database and Database Objects

Data Definition using SQL

  •          Databases
  •          Data Types
  •          Tables
  •          Constraints and Indexes
  •          Views

Basic Data Manipulation using SQL

  •          Recurring SQL Constructs
  •          Adding data
  •          Modifying data
  •          Removing data
  •          Searching data

Advanced Data Manipulation using SQL

  •         Expressions
  • ·       Grouping and Aggregate Functions
  •         Joining Tables


  •         Transaction Concepts
  •         SQL for working with Transaction


  •          Tools for Import/Export
  •          SQL for Import/Export

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