Course Introduction

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite OBIEE is a complete, open, and architecturally unified Business Intelligence system for the enterprise that delivers abilities for reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis Online Analytical Processing(OLAP), dashboards, and scorecards. All enterprise data sources, as well as metrics, calculations, definitions, and hierarchies, are managed in a Common Enterprise Information Model, providing users with accurate and consistent insight, regardless of where the information is consumed. Users can access and interact with information in multiple ways, including web-based interactive dashboards, collaboration workspaces, search bars, ERP and CRM applications, mobile devices, and Microsoft Office applications.



  •         General Data warehousing concepts
  •          Dimensional modeling basics
  •          Dimension Types ( Conformed and SCD)
  •          Fact Types(Additive, Non-additive, Snapshot, Accumulator etc)


  •          Installation Prerequisites
  •          Points of Caution while installing
  •          Understanding the need for RCU
  •          Installation best practices
  •          Difference between Simple and Enterprise Install

Admin Tool And RPD Modeling

  •         Understanding Online and Offline modes of RPD
  •          Creating Repository Using Administration Tool
  •          Repository Basics
  •          Building Physical Layer of Repository
  •          Building Physical Model and BMM Layer of a Repository
  •          Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
  •          Aggregate Persistence
  •          Dimension Lookups
  •          Hierarchical Tables and Parent-Child Hierarchy
  •          Modeling a Ragged Hierarchy Dimension
  •          Creating Time Series Measures
  •          Testing, Validation of a Repository
  •          Creating Calculated Measures
  •          Creating Dimension Hierarchies
  •          Organizing Presentation Layer
  •          Working with Initialization Blocks and Variables ( Session and Repository Variables)
  •          Adding Multiple Sources
  •          Executing Direct Database Requests
  •          Working with Aggregates

Dashboard And Analysis

  •          Creating and Editing Analysis
  •          Creating Interactive Dashboards using Analysis
  •          Creating query and chart
  •          Working with Filters
  •          Working with Pivot Table
  •          Building Views and Charts in Requests
  •          Creating and Configuring Interactive Dashboards
  •          Creating and Configuring Dashboard Prompts
  •          Configuring Action Links
  •          Creating and understanding KPI, KPI Watchlists and Scorecards
  •          Oracle BI for MS-Office
  •          Sending Alerts Using Delivers
  •          Using Job Manager

Architecture And Security Features

  •         Understanding OBIEE 11g Architecture
  •          Role of Weblogic Server and Enterprise Manager
  •          Admin and Managed Server
  •          Authentication & Authorization
  •          Creating Application Roles
  •          Creating Users, Groups, Web Catalog groups
  •          LDAP Integration
  •          Object & Data Level Security Implementation
  •          Web catalog Level Security Implementation


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