Course Introduction

Learn how to use Oracle SQL from scratch, to improve your developer skills or to access an OracleSQL database at work. This course will teach you the basics of the SQL language on an Oracle database.


There are many job options as it has been divided across projects with numerous scope of work such as Developer, DBA, Consultant, Architect, Designer,Production and Support .

  1. Introduction to ORACLE
  2. Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
  3. Creating an Oracle Database
  4. Managing the Database Instance
  5. Managing Database Storage Structures (Tablespaces & Segments)
  6. Administering User Security
  7. Managing Data Concurrency
  8. Managing Undo Data
  9. Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  10. Backup and Recovery Concepts (cold, hot & RMAN)
  11. Use of RMAN Recovery Catalog & Configuring Backup Settings
  12. Performing Database Backups with RMAN
  13. Performing Database Recovery
  14. Moving Data - Export & Import, External Tables & SQL Loader
  15. Using Flashback Technology I
  16. Using Flashback Technology II
  17. Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
  18. Database Maintenance
  19. Performance Management
  20. Managing Performance by SQL Tuning
  21. Diagnosing the Database
  22. Managing Space
  23. Managing Space for the Database
  24. Managing the ASM Instance
  25. Duplicating a Database / Cloning Database
  26. Data Guard
  27. Installing your Oracle Software
  28. Database Patches & Database Upgrades
  29. Introduction to Real Application Clusters

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