Course Introduction

Ruby on Rails training: Introduction to Ruby on Rails training course teaches attendees how to build web applications using the powerful Rails framework  and the highly dynamic, object-oriented Ruby language. Rails uses the principles of DRY  and "convention over configuration" to help build robust, scalable applications quickly.

Course Syllabus:

 Operating System and Work Environment

  • The Command Line
  • Disk Space and Organization
  • Software Requirements

Rails, Breadth First

  • Welcome to Ruby on Rails
  • What Rails Does (and Does for You)
  • Inside MVC in Rails
  • How Separate are the MVC Layers?
  • A Guided Tour of a Small (But Working!) Rails App
  • The Rails Application Directory Structure
  • Connecting to a Rails Application
  • The Rails Request/Response Cycle
  • Some Pre-Auction Housekeeping

Ruby Skills and Tools

  • Running Ruby Programs
  • IRB (Interactive Ruby)
  • Objects and Methods
  • Classes
  • Strings and Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Arrays
  • Hashes
  • Modules
  • Control Flow and Conditionals
  • Instance Variables and Attributes
  • Iterators
  • Sorting Collections
  • Filtering Collections




Domain Modeling and ActiveRecord

  • ActiveRecord Overview
  • Domain Modeling, Ruby, and Rails
  • Programming the Domain
  • Creating the Database Tables
  • The Rails Application Console

Routing and Responses

  • The Rails Request/Response Cycle
  • URL Recognition and Routing
  • Named Routes and URL Generation
  • Resource Routing
  • Creating Controllers and Views
  • Understanding ERB Templates


 Exploring ActiveRecord Techniques



  • Ruby's Test Framework
  • From Minitest to Rails Testing
  • Functional Tests

Data Validation with ActiveRecord

 Exploring ActionPack

 Users and Bids


 Using CSS and JavaScript

  • The Basic Asset Pipeline Architecture
  • AJAX

Ruby and Rails Resources




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