Course Introduction

An administrator will have a broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, to configure and manage Sales and Service Cloud applications. The Administrator recommends various ways to the company's success. Starting a career as an Administrator is one of the vital jobs in company's success. To be an Administrator, clearing a certain exam is a must.

This Salesforce training course is designed to ensure that you learn and master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator and a Salesforce Platform App builder. Our Salesforce training will help you learn how to configure Salesforce, so you are able to collect, analyze and retrieve all of the vital information associated with your customer base. Moreover, you will use fundamentals to understand Salesforce online application development and the deployment of next-generation cloud apps. We offer practical hands-on learning that will ensure your job success, as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to pass both Salesforce certification exams.

Course Syllabus:

Identity Confirmation

  • Activate your computer
    Setting Up the User Interface
    Set up the UI & search options
    Organization Administration
    Set your organization’s language & locale
    Manage currency
    Create custom profiles & custom fields
    Define dependent picklists
    Customize lookup fields & formula fields
    Customize page layouts
    Customize standard related lists
    Learn about record types & business processes
    Use field-level security
    Security & Access
     Data Validation
     Learn about Salesforce CRM data validation
     Create data validation rules
     Learn about custom fields & unique properties Data Utilities
     Import records using the import wizards
     Use mass delete
     Use mass transfer.


Designing Applications on

  •  Learn about factors to consider when building a data model
     Develop custom objects and fields, encrypted fields, field help, and field history tracking
      Use master-detail, lookup, and many-to-many relationships
      Create a user interface for custom applications using the Custom Object tab, Page Layout, and
      Customization options
      Set field attributes on the page layout
      Use the Custom Object queue and event-based workflow rules with field update actions
       Develop custom formulas and validation rules


Managing Data

  • Learn when and how to use upsert
     Use data management tools and the capabilities of API-based tools
     Configure the Data Loader via command line
     Encrypt passwords using encrypt.bat
     Use the Data Loader to create mapping files and to upsert data

Visualforce Pages

  • Learn about the capabilities of the Visualforce framework 
      Incorporate Visualforce pages into Salesforce Construct expression bindings and incorporate
      Salesforce into Visualforce pages with Visualforce tags
      Use Visualforce tags to create page layouts, input forms, output tables, custom components; 
      Create partial page refreshes on JavaScript events
      Learn about the functionality that comes with Visualforce standard controllers 
      Find out when Apex is required for creating custom controllers or extensions











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