Course Introduction

This course will give an overview of computer virtualization and reasons for using virtualization. It will also look at how to setup and use three different systems from VMware: Player, Workstation, and ESXi. Finally, we'll look at where you can get many good virtual appliances

Course Syllabus:

Introduction to Virtualization Technologies

• VMware workstation

• VMware player

• Virtual box

Introduction to VMware Virtualization

• Introduce Virtualization

• Introduce Virtual machines

• Introduce vSphere components

VMware ESX and ESXi ( ESX/ESXi 4.1)

• Introduce the architecture of ESX and ESXi

• Manually configure ESX/ESXi

VMware vCenter Server

• Install and configure vCenter Server components

• Manage vCenter Server inventory objects


• Create, configure, and manage vNetwork standard switches

• Create, configure, and manage network connections

• Create, configure, and manage port groups


• Configure ESX/ESXi with iSCSI, NFS,.

• Create and manage vSphere datastores

Virtual Machines

• Deploy virtual machines using the Create New Virtual Machine wizard, templates,

  cloning, and VMware vCenter Converter

• Modify and manage virtual machines

• Perform Storage vMotion migrations

Access Control

• Control user access through roles and permissions

  Resource Monitoring

• Control virtual machine access to CPU, memory, and I/O resources

• Introduce VMkernel methods for optimizing CPU and memory usage

• Monitor resource usage using vCenter Server performance graphs and alarms

Data Protection


High Availability

• Configure and manage a VMware High Availability cluster

• Configure fault-tolerant virtual machines using VMware Fault Tolerance

Patch Management

• Manage patching and patch compliance using vCenter Update Manager

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