Course Introduction

This course introduces the student to Oracle WebLogic 12c. Students will learn skills necessary to understand basic WebLogic concepts and administrative tasks. At the end of this course, the student will learn how to install WebLogic, create WebLogic domains by the end of the course, students will be familiar with the basic configuration and use of WebLogic Server., and administer WebLogic.

Course Syllabus:

WebLogic Server Basics

  •          WebLogic Application server
  •          WebLogic system administrator Infrastructure
  •          WebLogic 10.3 Features
  •          J2EE Components
  •          Servlets
  •          EJB
  •          JSP
  •          Understanding TCP/IP and HTTP

Weblogic Application Server Installation and configurations

  •          Configuring Domain attributes
  •          Configuring server, cluster
  •          WLS domain Server
  •          Starting WLS
  •          Machine
  •          Cluster
  •          Directory structure
  •          Service configurations
  •          Configuring JMS options
  •          Configuring Database Connectivity
  •          Connection Pools, Data Sources and Multi Pools

Application Deployment

  •          Deployment tools
  •          Auto Deployment
  •          Cluster Deployment Load balancing and session replication
  •          Setting up a Cluster across multiple machines
  •          Configuring Node Manager, WebLogic Server Logging
  •          WebLogic Server threading model and creating own execute queue
  •          WebLogic Virtual Hosting

Weblogic and J2EE

  •          JMS application
  •         Configuring JMS
  •          WebLogic JNDI

WLS and HTTP servers

  •          WLS HTTP server
  •          Plug-in

Weblogic Performance Tuning Basics

  •          Reduce the application downtime OS, Network tuning Basics
  •          Techniques to troubleshoot and fix the OOM, Memory leak, Server Hang, Server Crash problems

Administration Tools

  •          WebLogic java utilities
  •          Licenses,Architecture,Configurations
  •          Monitoring alls the domain resources, Servers, Clusters, JMS, Connection pools etc

Application Security

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